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A MUST READ for ANYONE who has a strong desire to accomplish great and meaningful things in life, Tactical Pause gives you real-life combat veteran mentorship to accelerate your growth, fine tune your potential, and develop a highly motivated mindset, focused on the mission and driven to succeed!

The journey to success, the road to achievement, the path to greatness, is filled with hardships and adversity, raging storms to weather, vast oceans to cross, and mountains with no summit blocking your path. Your willingness to take up the journey, knowing full-well these things, is what sets you apart, and your drive to achieve despite them is what makes you exceptional. Yet you can’t make it alone, and you know it…

Tactical Pause gives you 90 Days of combat veteran-based mentorship intended to motivate, inspire, and guide you along your journey toward purpose-driven self-betterment. Drawing from time-tested knowledge, experience, and subject-matter expertise that military veterans gain from operating and exercising leadership in the harshest and most demanding environments on the planet, Tactical Pause brings together a collection of daily short readings that teach veteran-based lessons anyone can use to apply toward their own daily personal and professional development – essential to the achievement of success – to accomplish great and meaningful things.

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About the Author



AJ is a Christian, and a retired United States Army NonCommissioned Officer who served in both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army. He is a world-traveled combat veteran, and has participated in contingency operations around the world. His professional military experience spans the full-spectrum of aviation operations, to include general, tactical, combat, SAR/CSAR/PR and MEDEVAC, VIP/DV operations, teaching, training and instruction, and special operations and special missions aviation operations.

AJ is a fully qualified aircraft mechanic and technician, flight engineer and pilot. He is a certified advanced operational diver and rescue technician, an industry certified compliance officer and technical inspector, and a qualified standardization instructor and trainer. During his professional career, AJ has been blessed with opportunities to work at the local, joint, and multinational levels of operations, working closely with U.S. and allied forces in conducting operations, training, development, and relations-building.

AJ is the owner of Veteran Leadership Solutions, LLC, a leading independent organizational leadership development company that provides solutions through critical analysis, teaching, coaching, mentorship, and guidance. AJ is a sociologist specializing in the field of Leadership. He is also an economist, published researcher, guest lecturer, public speaker, and he is a social and political advocate for the veteran’s community as a whole. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, and is published in the fields of sociology and leadership.

On his off time, AJ loves shooting, long-distance rucking, flying, scuba diving, rock wall climbing, motorcycle riding, running, weight training, swimming, snowboarding, practicing Aikido, adventure seeking of all kinds, and traveling around the world to meet new people and experience new things. AJ believes “investing in experiences” and “investing in relationships” are keys to investing in your future. He is always seeking out new knowledge and new opportunities, and believes education and self-betterment are life-long endeavors.

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